Training at All The King's Horses




Training Methods


The best interest of the horse is Erin’s number one priority. Her training methodology minimizes pressure and maximizes learning through a relaxed and systematic approach. Her slow and steady structure avoids any gaps in training.


Erin is careful to individualize programs to the fitness, conformation, and ability of each horse. She is sensitive to the feedback horses give so they will never be exhausted mentally or physically, because a tired horse is not conducive to learning.


She teaches horses to be respectful without being afraid, and to be sensitive without being reactive. The horses are forward thinking and moving, secure, and always eager to come out to work.


Training sessions are varied to keep horses interested. They include outside and covered arena work, cavaletti, and jumping (if appropriate). Erin does extra special little things for each horse just as if they were her own.


Training packages are available for starting young horses, horse and rider training, sale horses, and rehabilitation horses.


Video: "How to do a Half Halt", presented by Erin King.


Please call or email for details about a customized training package to suit you and your horse.



"I have been privileged to have Erin King as a trainer at my barn, Wyvern Farm, since early 2006. During that time, I have personally observed her exceptional skill in working with difficult horses with significant retraining issues, and in starting young, unbroken horses. Erin is patient, explicit in her expectations, but tactful and sensitive to the individual natures of her equine charges. She is skilled in work both on the ground and under saddle. Her young horses in training are exposed to a variety of experiences, both in and out of the arena, and to work over fences if appropriate. They learn to look forward to their sessions, and to develop a positive outlook toward their training. I would recommend Erin to anyone wanting the best start for their horses."

----- Liz Lewis, Owner, Wyvern Farm


"My young Lusitano stallion had been in dressage training for about three years when it seemed that he needed something extra, so I asked Erin to train him to jump. Erin has been enthusiastic, professional, tactful and caring. I have only positive things to say about the way she has handled and trained him. Plus, I now have a horse who jumps and does dressage. I am not the only one who is pleased - his dressage trainer has remarked on how the jumping has benefited him."

----- Rebecca Olmsted


"Erin brings a positive attitude and an encouraging spirit to her work with horses. These qualities along with a quiet manner are what make her successful in giving young horses confidence in their work and an eagerness to learn. She is committed to the animals under her care and is to be admired for the integrity she brings to her business".

-----Vicky Menear, MD