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The ATKH Team


Erin King began riding ponies at age 8. Since then she has trained and shown hunter/jumpers, dressage and eventing. She has worked through the ranks as working student, groom, riding instructor, and barn manager in the Bay Area and overseas. Erin has a keen interest in young horses, "greenies", and prospects. She believes in creating a solid foundation in training, but also in keeping the horses interested and willing to learn.



Being a successful team takes more than trainer and rider. The folks listed below are those which make all the horses most comfortable behind the scenes, but are of the utmost importance to their well being. Erin highly recommends all of these practitioners.


Assistant Trainer: Terra Munger


Instructor: Kat Howard

Welcome Kat to the ATKH team. She is accepting new students here at the ranch.


Her bio: Katherine Howard is a Bay Area native who grew up three-day eventing, and later spent the better part of her twenties traipsing around the world, chasing horses in various disciplines. She eventually returned to California and ended up at Barbier Farm in Healdsburg. She stayed for several years, learning the art of training in lightness. Kat is amped to share her passion for the art of dressage, conscious horsemanship, and helping horses and riders find deeper connection, while continuing her own studies and working to be the best rider and trainer she can each day.


Katherine Howard nació en el Bay Area y creció compitiendo en los concursos de tres días. Después de cumplir veinte años, se puso a viajar al mundo durante casi una década en búsqueda de montar a todos los caballos que se podía encontrar. En fin regresó a California y llegó a trabajar en Barbier Farm en Healdsburg. Ahí se quedó varios años en aprendizaje del arte de entrenar a caballo "ligeramente". Se emociona en compartir su pasión por el arte del adiestramiento, enseñar una forma de equitación consciente, y ayudar a los caballos y a los jinetes a conectarse más profundamente, mientras continúa sus propios estudios para llegar a ser la mejor jinete y entrenadora que se pueda cada día.


Instructor: Katie Gilbert


Ranch Helpers: Andre, Courtney







by a student:

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Testimonial note

by Erica Poseley

"I have been working with Erin and her students for the past year. Erin's quest for continuing her own riding education and improving her teaching skills is a pleasure to see. Her love of correct dressage and her willingness to take the time to develop her horse correctly also makes her a very good role model for her students to emulate.

I truly enjoy coming to her barn to teach. She brings a fun attitude toward learning while keeping to high standards of classical dressage. Both her students and their horses are very happy. I am sure she will continue to develop and grow as a trainer and teacher." - Erica Poseley []


by Mimi

Fox and Mimi
"Fox was broke to ride in Winter 2007 (not by Erin) and had quite a buck and stubborn streak. Erin taught me how to ride such a green horse through his fears and balkiness by channeling his energy to positive use and unlocking his forwardness. Armed with new skills and understanding, I'm no longer afraid of getting dumped, and he has gained a great new work ethic. Erin helped Fox develop lovely balanced, forward gaits and gave both of us the confidence to tackle new challenges. We are on our way, and proud to be one of the King's Horses!"


by Joel Bartlett
"Erin King is the world’s greatest horse trainer. She combines experience as a cross-country, hunter-jumper, and dressage rider and trainer with intelligence and excellent practical coaching skills. She was able to take my green broke horse, Domingo (who can be rather “energetic” at times), and make him into a much softer, supple, and manageable horse. She taught me how to ride Domingo. With Erin’s encouragement, Domingo and I entered our first horse show and won ribbons in both jumping and dressage. Erin exudes a positivity which encourages and inspires."