All The King's Horses Ranch




We are a private horse boarding and training facility nestled amongst oak trees in the Mayacamas mountains just minutes away from either Santa Rosa (Sonoma County) or Calistoga (Napa County). Situated on 14.5 acres of gentle rolling landscape bordered by Porter Creek. Horses and their humans enjoy the calmness that the peaceful atmosphere provides.


Whether you are a competitive rider, beginning student, pleasure rider or owner, or simply curious about horses, you are appreciated at All The Kings Horses.


Featured is a full service equine training program with Erin King, who specializes in cross training to suit the individual needs of each horse. We offer a well rounded approach that bridges the gap between natural and classical horsemanship; including foundation training for young horses, starting undersaddle work, retraining, senior maintenance, and complete equine care. All types of riders are welcome, and we welcome all horses regardless of breed, discipline, and age ... as long as your end goal is a relaxed and fufilling relationship with your happy horse!


NEW INSTRUCTOR: Kat Howard. See her bio.


To quote John Saint Ryan, "Erin King has a wonderful talent with horses. Not only as a trainer but as a person who cares deeply for the horses in her charge.
In today’s world there is so much emphasis on advertising hype and self promotion but unfortunately this does not always present the best care and consideration for the horse. Erin has been working with horses for many years and has studied hard to gain the valuable insights and understanding that she has. Having said that, she continues to research and learn more as new concepts are discovered which promote more educational, humane and ethical ways of working with horses. This is why I highly recommend Erin and her facility. JSR



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